Kayla and Sam's Wedding

I’m going to try my best to explain just how much this photo sums up the truest representation of love. Kayla and Sam know what it truly means to selflessly serve, love, and appreciation each other. They love without ceasing and it truly inspired me. This foot washing moment is a true example of their love for one another, just as Christ loved us all.

Kahlea & Ryan

I had such an awesome time this past week shooting with Kahlea and Ryan. I took a trip out to St. Petersburg, Florida to shoot this session. We started off the evening with some much needed laughter as we made out way to a rooftop for the first part of the session! Kahlea, is an awesome blogger based out of Orlando and St. Pete. (click her name to check out her site/blog) with an impressive amount of talent and such a go-getter attitude! Working with her and the hilarious Ryan was a breeze! I'm so thankful for the fun opportunity, it's amazing how God brings such good people into your life. God is certainly taking me through as season right now to teach me to not limit myself, or what He has in store for me! 

For the second part of this session, we made our way out to St. Pete beach the following morning. Running on about 2 hours of sleep, we all got there at 6 am and began part 2! It was a lot of fun capturing these two interact and make each other laugh endlessly. During all the craziness I was also able to shoot a video! I'll be posting a link to that soon!