Katelynn & Yianni

I am posting something a little different today, my first stylized shoot. A week ago today I had the pleasure to work with some really talented people, who helped create this magical video. Andi Mans (who by the way is amazing at what she does, and is a great friend!) put the whole thing together. For this styled shoot, Andi was the photographer and florist. 

It was so great to finally work on a project that had I so much free reign with. The opportunity for me to truly get creative with my shots and the edit, made for an awesome experience. I learned that stylized shoots, not only make my job more fun, but also create more connections (and friendships) that I will have for the future. 

With all this being said, I hope that you enjoy the video! If you are reading this and looking for a videographer or photographer for your wedding, be sure to fill out a contact form! See you next time.